AFAS Elders

is a response to those who have called for Villanova College to give adults a similar experience in the Augustinian Philippines to that of AFAS students.

The adults on an AFAS excursion to the Philippines spend several days in the one community working on a project of importance to the local community and in cooperation with that community.

Mr John Holroyd, Dean of Mission and Identity, had this to say about the concept - “AFAS Elders is a group of adults, consisting of Villanova Old Boys, staff and parents, who undertake projects in the Philippines.  The group complements the work of AFAS but does not overlap with AFAS Students in terms of communities visited nor in terms of funding.  Like AFAS Students, AFAS Elders seeks to establish a good relationship with a local community where the Augustinians have a presence.   It also offers an alternative to ‘Schoolies’ for graduating students. “

In November 2016, four staff members, four Villa Old Boys and a Villa parent inaugurated the first Elders Philippines experience.

The group worked with the Augustinian community on Kinatarcan Island to assist in the construction of a building. This hot house for the drying of the moringa plants is the first stage of a long-term development plan that the Filipino Augustinians and Fair Trade Philippines have designed for the Island. The project benefits all families on the Island. 

Kinatarcan Island is approximately four hours’ drive north of Cebu City, followed by a one-hour boat ride. During Typhoon Haiyan in 2013, every building on the Island was severely damaged or destroyed.

Above: laying the foundations, 2016.

Above: laying the foundations, 2016.

AFAS Elders 2016

Back row (left to right) - Mark Edgerton (past parent), Timothy Kelly (OB 2015), Tony Hindmarsh (staff), Kate Alexander (staff), Phill Hiley (ex-staff)

Front row (left to right) – Campbell Muir (OB 2015), Chris Martin (OB 2015), Liam Edgerton (OB 2015) 

2016 Elders Slideshow

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2018 Elders Slideshow